Raptor (If you use RS free, check this out)



Alt(works with megaupload): http://jdownloader.org/home/index

There are plenty of good download managers available for Rapidshare Premium members, but what about those of us without a pair account?

Raptor is a good option for handling multiple RS downloads with minimal fuss. Just copy the download URL, click the plus button in Raptor, and paste. Raptor takes care of sitting through Rapidshare's imposed wait times so you don't have to.

The program defaults to a Russian interface. To switch the interface to English, follow the screenshot below:

Transfer speeds aren't the greatest, but Raptor is still a very handy, hands-off way to download a slew of files. It's much less of a pain than tabbing back to the download page repeatedly until you're allowed to proceed.

Raptor is a free program for Windows only, and it requires the .Net 2.0 framework.


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