Download Songs from for Free using LastSharp


With the growing popularity of we are starting to see an array of utilities being released based on services.

This one is called LastSharp, by, it lets you download music from All you need to have is a ‘free’ account at and you are ready to download your favorite music.

The software not only downloads the desired music but it also downloads the albumart and organizes by artist – album – song kind of hierarchy.

The software is developed by a German developer so the default language is Deutsch but don’t worry, follow the steps discussed in the article to change it to English.

Following steps will run through the process of changing the default language and downloading songs.

Launch the software once the download is complete (Download from here)

Now that’s what the first screen looks like..

Click on the second tab at the bottom of the window and then click on the dropdown and select “English”. Now restart the application to see the changes.

You can search for music
based on several criteria’s as shown in the picture below. Just select anyone of them and type in a keyword in the box and hit “Go” to start searching.

Now you will see a list of songs, simply right-click on the song you want to download and hit “Download”

This is the download area. It shows a list of songs already downloaded under “Last Downloads:” and information about the song that is being currently downloaded.

To avoid the process of right-clicking on each of the songs to download, go to the “Quick Settings” tab and check “Continue Downloading automatically” box to download the songs on the list one after another automatically.

Also take a look at the settings under “Advanced Settings” tab were you can select if you want to save covers, remember downloads, etc..

Find the Appz....and follow this tutorial and your set


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