How To Rip FLAC From Your Audio Cds


There are five guides in all. The installation guide is very basic, and is included for those new to installing software and/or moving files around. The other guides are crucial for learning how to make those perfect FLAC rips and for learning how to produce lossy files as well. There is also a guide for how to use EAC in order to burn a perfect copy of the CD from the FLAC files.

The guides contain a lot of "superfluous" information. If you just want to get EAC set up right, you can breeze through the guides by just looking at the pictures and following the bulleted instructions. The extra information is there for you if you want to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, and also for trouble-shooting purposes if things do not go as expected.

EAC (and FLAC) Installation Guide

EAC Setup Guide

EAC Lossy Setup Guide (mp3 and Ogg Vorbis)

EAC Ripping Guide (including appendices about hidden tracks and pre-emphasis)

EAC CD Burning Guide (including an appendix about splitting single (lossless) files)

In addition, "Spectral Comparisons" briefly informs you about different formats and encodings, and the horrors of transcodes.


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